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Where do you stand on the issues? Take the test to find out where your sentiments fall on the national stage.

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How do you feel about gun law reform?

Civic Engagement Platform

Solutions for every level of politics.


Hold politicians accountable and see where they stand. Circulate ideas. Influence and advocate for the causes and issues that matter to you.


Widen your reach with solution-focused conversations. Crowdsource. Organize and manage events, volunteers, and staff.


Cutting-edge campaign management technology. Drive your campaign messaging by focusing on what’s at stake. Gain traction and build support with two-way conversations.

Change Starts With You

Industry Tools at Your Fingertips. Drive Change Through Issue-Focused Politics.


Circulate ideas and discuss the challenges facing your community

Make your vote count

Get a clearer picture of the candidates vying for your support - where they stand on issues, what they are fighting for, and who is giving them money

Polls & Surveys

Initiate conversations and collaborations with polls, surveys, and petitions

Hold elected officials accountable

Track voting records, bill support, and activity

Get Involved

Support campaigns, community groups, and nonprofits that share your values and interests

Cause/Issue Awareness

Connect with others who care about the things you do