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A place for solution-focused conversation about local,
state, and national political issues.

Change Starts With You

Take an active role on a new path towards a healthier and more productive democracy.

Crowdsource Ideas & Volunteer Support

Grow your civic ideas into grassroots activism with wider community support. Increase understanding for the politics that affect your community.

Generate Your Own Digital Content

Engage with other citizens on the issues and ideas that you circulate with the Open Campaign community to help validate your own opinions.

Get Involved & Help Recruit Now

Support campaigns, community groups, and nonprofits that share your values and interests, and help generate support for one of your own causes, initiatives, or non-profit groups.

Make Your Vote Count

Get clear insights about your candidates, such as who gives them money and how they stand on the issues, in the most data-backed and objective way possible.

Make Your Voice Heard

Hold elected officials accountable by taking part in a two-way conversation via a virtual town hall, where everyone has an opportunity to have their voice heard.

Build Awareness & Spread the Message

Connect with a community of like-minded individuals to sprout civic activism, or engage in healthy discourse on opposing ideas and tactics, to help bridge the political divide.

Go beyond partisan narratives and contrived political talking points. Engage with other voters, politicians, candidates, causes, non-profits, and organizations. Amplify your voice so that your opinions are truly heard, and embrace the perspectives of other citizens.


Circulate ideas that you believe will have a positive influence on the issues that matter. Hold fellow voters and politicians accountable to those ideals. Discuss economic and social policies, and advocate in a way that helps amplify the core messages without inundating and unnecessary noise.


Engage in a two-way, solution-focused conversation between voters, candidates, and elected officials. Help crowdsource ideas championed by constituents. Coordinate volunteer efforts while building issue sentiment data in order to help keep legislative actions inline with public opinion.


Build grassroots efforts for an organization or cause, and increase support through a modern networking and content management platform. Break through the noise to create a stronger volunteer network, with tools that help inspire people to mobilize immediate action, and take civic responsibility.

Open Campaign

The Open Campaign Community

A modern civic engagement platform designed for citizens and organizations to participate in the national, state, or local political debate, giving your voice a real chance to be heard.

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Discover where you stand on the issues, and share your political identity with the world. Network inside the Open Campaign community with other individuals and groups that share the same political sentiments, or initiate civil discourse centered around the issues in an effort to reach beyond the political party divisions.

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