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OpenCampaign is the evolution of politics in the 21st century that draws local voters, politicians, and media into a Virtual Town Hall to create, discuss and highlight important issues.

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OpenCampaign is a political social network that matches individuals and politicians by Local and national issues. OpenCampaign is the evolution of politics in the 21st century that draws voters and politicians into a Virtual Town Hall to create, discuss and highlight important issues. OC allows individuals to have a voice in the political sphere without the inflexibility and limitations of current methods. The ability to stay informed while having the capacity to influence and drive change has never been easier or more efficient.

Local Issues

OpenCampaign was built to facilitate Civic Engagement for voters through the openness of ideas, and to further public discourse with politicians. Starting at the local level, OpenCampaign allows voters to voice their issues that have a direct effect on their Local Community. Real change comes from the bottom up, not the top down.

Local Politicians

Politicians are elected to govern and they need to be informed and understand the issues of their constituents. Negative influence at all levels of government has helped drowned out most of the issues of the voters. Open Campaign provides politicians at all levels of government to Engage Voters and Gauge Policy in real-time from the local level all the way up to the federal level. Thus furthering the interaction between voters and politicians through the engagement of local issues has the potential to bring the necessary changes that society deserves.

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